PLASMIN administrador 01/04/2022




April 2022 – December 2023

Reference No.: ZL-2022/00789 and ZL-2023/00028

Call for proposals: HAZITEK COMPETITIVO 2022 and 2023

Project co-financed by the Basque Government and FEDER funds, under the HAZITEK business R&D support programme.

“New coating processes of scaffolds for regenerative medicine based on the low pressure PLASma system for the development of products focused on INfection control for the comprehensive treatment of topical conditions”.

The main idea of the PLASMIN project is the development of new products with antimicrobial activity and regenerative capacity, in the form of natural scaffolds with biomolecule coating based on a new technology, the low-pressure plasma system, to provide these scaffolds with new properties focused on infection control and subsequent regeneration of topical tissue lesions.

The investigation of the low-pressure plasma system will be carried out with the purpose of studying and understanding the application of this technique in the field of regenerative medicine, in order to be intended and used to provide complementary and/or synergistic properties to various scaffolds, in a stable, uniform manner and without generating antagonism with the product’s basic active ingredients.