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Reoxcare detoxifies and prepares the wound bed.

Reoxcare is an innovative last generation wound dressing with unique antioxidant properties, which promotes the natural healing process of the wound. Its patented design is the result of years of Histocell research in regenerative medicine.

Oxidative stress and chronification

One of the main causes of healing delay is the excess of reactive oxygen spcecies (ROS) in the wound, which prevents the overcoming of the inflammatory phase, resulting in a chronic wound.

How does Reoxcare work?

Thanks to its unique and novel design, Reoxcare combines the advantages of moist wound healing with exudate management and neutralisation of the excess of ROS inthe exudate, thus achieving the reactivation of the wound.


Hydration solution

Reoxcare has two components, giving the product unique properties:

  • Lyophilised matrix 100 % of plant origin with high absorption capacity.
  • Hydration solution with antioxidant properties based on n-acetylcysteine and curcumin.

How to use Reoxcare


Hydrate the matrix

Pour the entire content of the antioxidant solution. The matrix wil lneed about 1-2 minutes to absorb the whole solution.

Clean the wound

Clean gently with sterile saline.

Place Reoxcare in direct contact with the wound bed

Reoxcare must be in direct contact with the wound bed. Cut Reoxcare to match the wound surface.

Cover with a secondary dressing

In order to fix Reoxcare to the wound and keep its properties, it is necessary to use a secondary dressing, which must be appropriate to the location and the level of the wound exudate.

Begoña Castro, PhD Reoxcare detoxifies and prepares the wound bed. It allows a smooth removal of non desired tissue from wound bed, induces the production of healthy granulation tissue and boosts chronic wounds' natural healing.

Begoña Castro, PhD CSO, Histocell

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