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Histocell will manufacture Enoc Pharma products at its new factory at Larrabetzu, Bizkaia


Histocell has established a collaboration agreement with the Catalan firm Enoc Pharma, which will combine the technologies of both companies to develop and manufacture highly innovative medical devices and cosmetic products in Bizkaia. Under this agreement, Histocell will open a new product manufacturing line at its factory based on Advanced Liposome technology developed by Enoc Pharma. This is an important milestone for Histocell that realises how its commitment to manufacturing is backed within a few months of launching its production facility.

The alliance between the two companies arises after a collaboration of more than 5 years from complementary fields, in order to provide technologically innovative products for the international cosmetic market. The agreement joins Histocell's specialisation in the development of active ingredients for regenerative medicine with the liposomal technology from Enoc Pharma, which allows the encapsulation of these active ingredients for their application and distribution.

The combination of both technologies has great potential, both to create new products that do not yet exist in the market, technologically more advanced and efficient, and to expand the scope of action of both companies.

Manufacturing at the Histocell Factory will allow Enoc Pharma to increase its production capacity and improve logistically. In addition, the agreement contemplates the co-development of products with technology and active ingredients of Histocell, both for manufacturing at Larrabetzu and for marketing by Enoc Pharma.

As a result of the agreement, Histocell will soon start producing 5 cosmetic products, 2 of them created in collaboration - one for the regeneration of the skin and another for hair use -, with the idea of manufacturing in the future other products with medical device classification. The estimate is that for the next year about 30,000 units of these cosmetic products will be put on the market and subsequently grow in progression. They are aimed to the international market and various agreements are being finalised for their commercialisation in Europe, Latin America and other territories.

With this agreement, Histocell Factory will triple its global activity. In addition to this line, the manufacturing activity is completed with other proprietary products such as Reoxcare, antioxidant dressing for moist wound care, and the dermocosmetic products Wharton Gel Complex and Histoessence.

The key to success is the equipment and high capacity of the Histocell production facility. The factory occupies half of the total area of the 2000 m2 plant and is designed to grow along with demand. Currently the annual production capacity is 200,000 units, but this figure can be multiplied by three or four, depending on the needs. As for the equipment, it has lyophilising technology for liquids and solids, reactors, mixing tanks, and equipment for preparing solutions in vial, for sterilisation; In short, it covers all the necessary processes.

The agreement consolidates Histocell as a company with the capacity to carry out the complete cycle of activities of the Biosciences sector; from research in their laboratories, creation of innovative medical devices and registration of patents, to manufacturing in their plant, marketing, and commercialisation. All these activities, technologies and patents, are developed in the Basque Country.

“The trajectory from our beginnings, as a research and development company, to our current capacity to attract new manufacturing lines, confirms that we have more than enough technological and productive strength to reach a global market and generate business opportunities," says Julio Font .

State-of-the-art skin regeneration serum

The first product resulting from this collaboration and which will begin to be manufactured imminently at Histocell is called R-New Up and was launched a few months ago.

This facial regeneration serum materialises the technological and innovative capacity of both companies. Its main differentiation is that it offers a unique combination of scientifically and clinically tested natural active ingredients. Its active ingredient, Native Whartonide®, has been developed and patented by Histocell. It is a natural active ingredient made of an exclusive mixture of hyaluronic acid and sulfated glycosaminoglycans that provides native molecules of the extracellular matrix, in order to deliver a functional substitute capable of promoting the regeneration and repair of the skin.

This active ingredient and the high concentration organic silicon formulated in liposomes with the technology of Enoc Pharma, have achieved a serum with a powerful anti-aging effect. The particularity of the Enoc Advanced Liposomes method is that it allows obtaining next generation liposomes, created by means of a process based on the same physicochemical concepts that the human body applies in the production of its cell membranes. They are more effective for transporting all types of active ingredients and for adequate distribution and absorption, while also regenerating cell membranes.

Another difference is that R-New Up is conceived with a scientific approach based on maximum effectiveness and integrates only active ingredients, without flavouring, colouring or thickeners.

In its first phase of launching, R-New Up has been manufactured and marketed in a limited way, which has allowed testing the product and has achieved good market feedback. The manufacture at the Histocell plant will allow large-scale production with a first run of 20,000 units facilitating global commercialisation.

More information about R-New Up

Histocell, from R&D to manufacturing

Histocell was established in 2004 with the mission of developing new medical devices and cell therapy medicinal products to improve people's quality of life. It has a division specialised in therapeutic products for the protection and regeneration of the skin - both for the treatment of wounds and for cosmetics -, and another focused on the development of cell therapy medicinal products based on stem cells for regenerative medicine. This division has three programmes currently in clinical phase in several Spanish hospitals with very promising results.

In addition to the production plant in Larrabetzu, it has its headquarters in the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, in Derio, where it has a clean room accredited by the Spanish Agency of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices.

Histocell products are backed by strong intellectual property protection, with 53 registered patents. Its staff consists of a team of 30 multidisciplinary professionals.

Histocell is part of the Noray Biosciences Group (Noray BG), a biotechnology group that also integrates the veterinary company ArtinVet and the bioinformatics NorayBio.

Enoc Pharma, innovative liposomes

Enoc Pharma is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of liposomes and other bioanalogous nanostructures. Its innovative technology and experience of more than 25 years, allow to carry out R&D projects, from the beginning until the commercialisation phase.

Enoc develops innovative products mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and dietary sectors; but also for other industrial sectors in which liposomes can provide important solutions and advances, such as food, aquaculture, agriculture, textiles and construction.

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