“Research on additive manufacturing solutions of biomaterials for biomedical products”

Call identifier: HAZITEK ESTRATEGICO 2020

Reference Nº: ZE-2020/00021

Project co-financed by the Basque Government and FEDER Funds, under the HAZITEK Business R & D Support program.

The BIO3D project "Research on additive manufacturing solutions for biomaterials for biomedical products" is led by CREATECH MEDICAL SL and HISTOCELL in collaboration with 5 other Basque companies. The aim of this project is to research and develop new biomaterials for processing by additive manufacturing, new bioprinters adapted to these biomaterials, new 3D printed biomedical products and the associated regulations. The consortium will be supported by the participation of 8 Agents of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation who will contribute new knowledge and new technologies to the investigation of the formulation of biomaterials for their application in 3D printing techniques and to the investigation of these bioinks in final products manufactured using additive technologies.

Within this project, HISTOCELL seeks the production of printable bioinks by extrusion and electrospinning starting from the regenerative materials of its current portfolio. It also wants to mix its materials with decellularised extracellular matrix to enhance the regenerative effect. These developments will allow you to diversify your products to new applications in regenerative medicine such as skin grafts or regenerative scaffold for muscle substitutes. To do so, will be addressed the design and characterization of new bioinks that are bioprintable, biocompatible, non-cytotoxic and that have post-impression morphological stability, sin a way that it is possible to maintain their shape in humid conditions to favour cell adhesion and proliferation. The new bioinks will be applied in electrospinning and 3D bioprinting processes, the main technologies used in the manufacture of scaffolds for regenerative medicine.