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Call identifier: HAZITEK ESTRATEGICO 2019

Reference Nº: ZE-2019/00012

Project co-financed by the Basque Government and FEDER Funds, under the HAZITEK Business R&D Support program.

The consortium of participating companies in the IMABI project is led by AJL OPHTHALMIC. Its general objective is to research and develop new materials and biofunctional devices through smart specialization, in pursuit of improving the competitiveness of the Basque industrial fabric in the biomedical sector. Likewise, it seeks to respond to the value chain of advanced biofunctional medical devices in this environment.

To achieve this objective, we will work ensemble on two basic pillars: research and development of biofunctional materials; and in the processing technologies required for the integration of biofunctionality into the target biomedical devices identified by the consortium. All this, taking into account the regulations required in each case from the beginning of development.

Within this project, Histocell will direct its efforts to investigate the regenerative and / or antimicrobial / bacteriostatic capacities of biomaterials. The goal is to incorporate in medical devices for application in the field of complex wound healing as well as in the treatment of Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis in Adults.

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We develop new advanced therapy medicinal products, medical devices and dermocosmetics to improve people's quality of life.

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