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Our history

Histocell was founded in 2011 by two professors and two researchers from the University of the Basque Country.
In 2006 Noray Biosciences Group becomes part of the management team in order to help the company in the management.


We start to grow

We inaugurate state-of-the-art facilities and expland the team.
First research collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company like Salvat.
3 patent applications.


First sale

Sale of the first product, Wharton Gel Complex, cosmetic ingredient of natural origin.
More collaborations with other large Spanish pharmaceutical companies, such as Ferrer and Cantabria Labs.
12 patents granted.


ArtinVet Innovative Therapies

Creation of the ArtinVet company, for the development of regenerative medicine products in veterinary medicine.
Registration in Spain of Vexoderm, wound dressing for wound care in animals.


Advances in cell therapy

First patient for Phase II trial with the Bonecure candidate product.
Start of clinical research phase with Neurosave.


CE Mark

Obtaining of the CE mark for the medical device Reoxcare, for human wound care.
20 new patents granted.
First patient treated with Neurosave.



Distribution agreements signed for Reoxcare in countries of America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Start of the regulatory path for the CE marking of Histoessence.


Histocell Factory

In September 2018, the new production plant was inaugurated, located in Larrabetzu, Basque Country, for greater control of the process.


We keep working

The work of international expansion and product development continues, for example, in Histoessence Line for the treatment of damaged skin.

Histocell Headquarters

Parque Tecnológico 801A, 2º
48160 Derio
Bizkaia - Spain

+34 94 656 7900

Histocell Factory

Polígono Sasine. Patakon s/n
48195 Larrabetzu
Bizkaia - Spain

+34 94 656 7900

Our mision

We develop new advanced therapy medicinal products, medical devices and dermocosmetics to improve people's quality of life.

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