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"Training network of optoelectronics integrated with living systems for neuroscience investigations and application"

FP7 European Project:2012 -2016
Project number: 316832
Call Identifier: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN

Project funded by the European Community under the Marie Curie Actions Call (ITN) of the Seventh Framework Programme.

OLIMPIA aims at training the next generation of scientists with the required skills in the supradisciplinary field of “Neuro-Organic-Optoelectronics”, i.e., organic optoelectronics integrated with neural living systems for neuroscience.

The OLIMPIA network, that combines 10 partners belonging to 6 European countries from academia, public research centers and industrial labs, gathers all complementary expertise needed to explore the various opportunities for neural interfacing offered by organic materials in terms of device architectures and operation. The seven academic and public research partners (CNR, CMBM, EMSE, IIT, UPV-EHU, TUM, ICL) are internationally renowned for their research and training activities in the fields that they represent within OLIMPIA. The contribution of the private sector in the research program is essential as it makes available the state-of-the-art protocols for material processing and device fabrication, covering electronic and light emitting devices (ETC) as well as photodetectors (Siemens) and for expertise in translating neurobiological knowledge at industrial level (HISTOCELL).