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"Mastering sweet cell-instructive biosystems by copycat nano-interaction of cells with natural surfaces for biotechnological applications"

FP7 European Project
Project number: 229292
Call Identifier: NMP4-SL-2009
: 2009 -2013

Project funded by the European Commission under the call for Small-Medium scale Collaborative Projects in Nanomaterials Area of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Find and Bind is aimed at creating biological design criteria for the development of new materials and devices constructed from these materials by understanding, mimicking and mastering the nanoscale mechanisms of the interactions of cells and their in vivo environment. The project aims at placing in the centre of the stage carbohydrates in an integrated show with their cousins - proteins and growth factors. Together, they will be orchestrated to re-create the in vivo scenario in terms of both signals and timing and to develop third-generation carbohydrate based constructs.

Histocell´s roll is study the effect of the developed surfaces over different pathways related to stemness and control/modulation of differentiation mechanisms relevant to bone tissue engineering. These investigations will allow evaluating the potential of the novel polysaccharides and the surface formed with them to promote adhesion, spreading and signal transduction in osteoblasts as a prerequisite for bone regeneration. The results will also allow a deeper analysis of the influence of nanostructures on the osteoblasts development compared to homogenous surfaces.