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"Regenerative Medicine for Deep Tissue Injuries"

GAITEK 2012-2013
Project number: IG-2012/0000226, IG-2013/0000805
R&D in cooperation with the CDTI: 2012-2014
Project code: IDI-20130375


Project funded by the Centre for the Technological Industrial Development (CDTI), under the call for Research Project and Development in Cooperation.

Project funded by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The main purpose of the PROHEAL project is to develop and to do research on new strategies based on regenerative medicine for deep tissue injuries through the development of innovative products (bioactive wound dressings, growth factors and maxillofacial implants) and their optimization through the combination of technologies based on mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue (ASC), growth factors (GF) and an optimized biomaterial based on porous polyethylene.

Histocell's Activity:

Determine the safety and the clinical effectiveness of the sanitary product to be developed (bioactive wound dressing) and analyse the viability of a product of advanced therapy for healing, through the combination of mesenchymal stem cells and/or growth factors with the bioactive dressing.

Develop the bioactive dressing as a sanitary product that meets the conditions required by the Regulations for Sanitary Products of the European Union and tune the scaling technology under GMPs for the production of pilot batches of the medical devices (bioactive dressing) for pre-clinical and clinical tests.

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