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Endocare Cellage

The Spanish laboratory IFC has produced Endocare Cellage, a new line where the global concept of anti-ageing takes on a new broader dimension. Its formula is complex, with three patented leading-edge technologies which include Wharton Gel Complex, a product developed by Histocell.

Wharton Gel Complex is an innovative cosmetic ingredient which comprises a unique mixture of glycosaminoglycans. These provide key elements for the restructuring of the extracellular matrix. Wharton Gel Complex is a natural extract, obtained from the Wharton jelly found in umbilical cord of animal origin: an exclusive enriched source of concentration of active molecules.


banner home 3The BioSpain 2014, one of the most important biotech exhibition has taken place between the 24th and 26th of September. During these days, the most important Spanish biotech companies and some European and all over the world biotech companies too, will have the opportunity to present their projects and their researches, and to create new relationship between all these companies.

An important part of the Basque bioscience sector will assist to the BioSpain to show the developments they have achieved. Between these companies, Histocell, Noray and other Basque companies will have an important role.


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Histocell, Univet and Janus bring to the new company their technology, industrial property and capital, needed to reach the veterinary market with an initial portfolio of three products. Also, accompany the operating team providing administrative, strategic, commercial and industrial support. The aim of ArtinVet is to consolidate a leading position in Europe in regenerative medicine applied to the veterinary field, based on technology provided by the founding companies.

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Histocell , leader in Spain in cell therapy research and tissue engineering, will able to advance in clinical and industrial development of a new drug based on the use of lung cells for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a disease that causes irreversible and progressive loss of breathing capacity.