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Histocell laboratory



Histocell, specialist in cell therapy applied to regenerative medicine and Ferrer pharmaceutical company have presented the preclinical results of NeuroSave (FAB117-HC), a new advanced therapy for traumatic spinal cord injury. The data was presented at the International Spinal Cord Repair Conference (ISCORE) held in Barcelona in November with the participation of world-renowned specialists in the field of spinal cord injury.



Histocell Laboratory

Histocell, biopharmaceutical company focused on cell therapy and medical devices in the field of regenerative medicine, has obtained the patent in the United States for HC016 product.


foto generica2 353X212Histocell is more and more recognised as one of the leading biotechnology companies in Spain by the media. 'Cinco Días', a Spanish business and finance newspaper, has published an article regarding "The biotechnology sector specialised in health is maturing in Spain. In recent years, new innovative bio-based drugs have been added to the research carried out in our country".

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Histocell has now completed the first round of financing included in its strategic plan 2015-2020. Investment needs reach € 4 million, which will be allocated mainly to complete the development of 3 medical devices and phase I/IIa clinical trial of 2 cellular medicines.