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20.07.2016 - Seed Capital Bizkaia (Spanish version)

En apenas una década, la empresa radicada en Bizkaia, ha completado el desarrollo de un variado catálogo de productos sanitarios y de medicamentos de terapia celular en el ámbito de la medicina regenerativa y ha logrado registrar más de 30 patentes internacionales.

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The Basque biopharmaceutical moves forward for placing on the market Reoxcare®, an innovative antioxidant dressing for wound healing, with potential sales of 200 million Euros.

With the approval of the Spanish notified body 0318, and the certification by the Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency (AEMPS), Reoxcare® is now ready for marketing in Spain, Europe and countries that accept the CE marking, as Hong Kong, Macao or Chile. This procedure will also facilitate obtaining registration in many other countries like those in the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and some countries in East Asia.


Histocell will participate in the coming weeks at two international conferences in wound healing (GNEAUPP National Symposium and EWMA European Congress) to present to its target audience, doctors and health personnel, the innovative product Reoxcare.

This will be an excellent opportunity to promote Reoxcare, a last generation dressing with antioxidant properties, which promotes the natural wound healing process. Reoxcare is the result of years of research in regenerative medicine in Histocell.

Reoxcare is a product developed by Histocell and protected by an international patent, granted in the main territories of world trade.

The use of Reoxcare has proved very effective in difficult healing wounds as pressure and venous ulcers, diabetic foot and traumatic or postsurgical ulcers.

Histocell will be in San Francisco during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference next week 11/15 January. There, Histocell will meet several companies to look for strategic partnership agreements and will have the opportunity to present its latest successful results on its development programs and products.