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Reoxcare supports the Wound Care Awareness special issue in the UK


Reoxcare supports the publication of the Wound Care special issue of Health Awareness distributed with The Guardian December 12th.

If you didn't have the opportunity to have a copy of December 12th The Guardian, click the link below to read the complete issue about Wound Care published by MediaPlanet UK.

Being wound care awareness one of the main objetives of Histocell and our product Reoxcare, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to take part in this supplement that tries to make public the need to consider wound care as a top issue in nowadays health systems.

As we can read in the following article signed by Professor Sue Bale, President-Elect of the EWMA, wounds can dictate a patients life and there are more than two million people each year suffering them. The need for dedicated care by specialists that know the best way to approach each wound is essential.

Read article by Proffesor Sue Bale.

Read the whole publication.

About Reoxcare

Reoxcare is a natural dressing, unique within the range of products hitherto used for the treatment of chronic wounds. With more than 30 preclinical and clinical studies carried out, Reoxcare has demonstrated unique antioxidant properties, and the ability to induce a natural healing in highly inflammatory environments, which is the main cause of wound chronicity such as ulcers of vascular origin, diabetic foot and pressure ulcers.

Chronic wounds pose a serious global health and economic problem. It is estimated that there are about 175 million new cases each year, including pressure, vascular or diabetic ulcers. 28 million people suffer chronic injuries annually and the estimated market this year for the treatment of these wounds is more than 5,000 million Euros.