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Histocell's subsidiary ArtinVet, enters France and Belgium thanks to Laboratoire Destaing - 03.08.2017


ArtinVet and Laboratoire Destaing have reached an agreement for the commercialisation of the product Vexoderm with the aim of expanding its use among the veterinarians of France and Belgium.

Vexoderm is an innovative moist healing dressing developed by ArtinVet, successfully marketed in Spain since 2014 and recently in Portugal. Its special and patented design is the result of years of research to achieve an improvement in the skin problems of dogs, cats and horses. Vexoderm offers the advantage of being able to space the cures with a weekly periodicity, leaving the control of the evolution exclusively in the hands of the veterinarian.

One of its most novel aspects is the natural origin of its components, carob in the dressing and curcumin in the hydration solution, both well known in traditional medicine for its excellent properties, among others, the improvement of skin conditions.

Vexoderm comes in two versions, according to its size, 9x4 and 10x7 cm.

About Laboratoire Destaing

Laboratoire Destaing is a French pharmaceutical company specialised in the diagnostic and treatment of allergies for cats, dogs and horses, and also in the diagnostic of human contact dermatitis.

About ArtinVet Innovative Therapies

ArtinVet, focussed on regenerative therapies for veterinary medicine offers innovative products and services to treat skin problems in dogs, cats and horses.