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Histocell closes a capital increase of € 4M incorporating new industrial partners to its shareholders

Histocell laboratory

The Basque biopharmaceutical company, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in the NorayBio Group, strengthens its capital to market their health products and continue clinical phases of their cell drugs.

Last week, Histocell shareholders approved a capital increase of 4 million Euros to face a new stage of growth of the company. This expansion has ushered in two new partners to the company: the IFC Group, a leading Spanish company in the development and commercialisation of cosmeceuticals and dermatology prescription and a French "family office", that becomes the first international shareholder of the company.

The round was led by IFC Group, which becomes the third largest shareholder of the company in number of shares. The addition of IFC to the shareholders and to the administration board occurs after several years of technical collaboration that have yielded excellent results with the addition of new ingredients and products to the commercial portfolio of IFC.

This round of funding was also attended by the main shareholders of Histocell, reinforcing its support and confidence in the evolution and future of the company.

Histocell's current situation, celebrating its 10th anniversry in NorayBio Group, is excellent. After the obtention of the CE mark of its first medical device, Reoxcare, the innovative wound dressing for difficult healing wounds will begin to be marketed in Hong Kong this quarter, thanks to the trade agreement with Chinese company Luqa Pharma. Histocell has recently joined the grant of the patent in the US to those previously obtained to protect Reoxcare in major world markets.

In the area of cell therapy drug development, Histocell faces forward the entry into clinic of its main cell product, HC016. Firstly indicated for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury and develope in collaboration with Ferrer pharmaceutical company in the Neurosave project, it has obtained the authorisation from the Spanish Medicines Agency for the start of Phase I/II in patients from three Spanish hospitals.

"We highly value the incorporation of such an important industrial group as IFC to our shareholders and administration board. It brings us international experience, marketing channels and financial strength.” — Julio Font, CEO of Histocell.

 “After the close cooperation that has united us in the recent years, this was the natural next step as part of the entreprenurial concern we share. Promoting research and providing innovative solutions tailored for physicians and patients is our commitment, and a good example of this is our joining to Histocell” Juan Matji, IFC.