Cardiva expands its business by acquiring a stake in the biopharmaceutical company Histocell administrador 31/05/2021

Cardiva expands its business by acquiring a stake in the biopharmaceutical company Histocell

The company has decided to join one of the most renowned Spanish companies in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy to continue consolidating its business and expansion.

Cardiva as one of the leading companies líderes en la fabricación y distribución de productos in the manufacture and distribution of products in the healthcare sector thanks to its incorporation as a shareholder of Histocell. This biopharmaceutical company from Bilbao is a national benchmark in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. With this operation, Cardiva continues with its expansion and business diversification plan.

Ignacio Vega, President of Cardiva,points out that “Histocell’s constant research into the development of new techniques and products makes it an important focus of innovation, which is why it has great potential for growth”. He adds that “advanced therapies are an area in full development and with great future prospects. This alliance with Histocell allows us to share knowledge in order to offer a better and more complete service to healthcare professionals and to bring innovative solutions to patients all over the world”.

With this collaboration, Cardiva enters fully into the world of regenerative medicine and cell therapy to contribute its expertise to the development of this area. According to Vega, “Histocell has a very varied portfolio, which allows it to diversify risk, with products at different stages of development, from design to sale. Being part of Histocell’s shareholding will contribute to Cardiva’s growth and optimise our economic forecasts”.

“The incorporation of Cardiva to Histocell’s shareholding implies adding a new industrial partner from the world of healthcare, which reinforces the company’s position in this field with a clear vocation to bring to the market innovative medical devices and medicines that contribute to the improvement of patients’ quality of life”, says Julio Font, Histocell’s CEO.

Histocell’s main programmes include Phase II clinical trials with cell therapy drugs for the treatment of diseases mediated by oxidative stress and for bone regeneration, and the development and manufacture of medical devices and cosmetics for ulcer treatment and advanced dermatology. Histocell has manufacturing units for cell therapy drugs and medical devices certified by the Spanish Agency in which it manufactures not only its own products but also third-party products.

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